Finding Your Inner *That girl*

By: Urban Luxe LIfestyles 
Alright, let's be honest we've all likely seen the "that girl" trend, and likely have decided we want to be one, and for those who haven't seen here is a quick recap. 
Becoming a "that girl" is a way to level up your life, and a snapshot of what it'd look like if you mitted to a morning routine, ate healthy and had a skin care routine (Bustle). 
Now, that may seem simplistic but let us tell you, if you have seen the "That Girl" tik toks you are going to want in on this. 
Here is a run down of our morning "That Girl" routine. 
7:00 AM: Rise & Shine, time to set intentions for your day
  • Wake up early
  • Make your bed
  • No phone for 30 minutes
  • Instead journal, read, or meditate 

7:30 AM: Hydrate your body!

8:00 AM: Let's move our bodies, take your fav workout class of go on a walk 


9:00 AM: Shower and Skin Care

9:30 AM: Fuel your body with good-for-you foods 

10:00 AM: Treat yourself to some caffeine or caffeine alternative 


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